Over the years, MAC has collected many Gold and Silver awards for an array of projects ranging from highways and bridges to intersections and taxiways to military projects and more.

In 2017, MAC was selected for not one, but two Gold Awards by the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA). MAC received the Gold Awards based on the design of the Reconstruction of Taxiway H for the Oklahoma City Airport Trust and the design of the 33rd and Broadway Intersection for the City of Edmond. The awards were for the categories “Commercial/Military Airports” and “Municipals Less than 30,000 Square Yards,” respectively.

For Taxiway H, MAC worked with the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Airport Trust to reconstruct Taxiway H and included redesign of the taxiway turns at each end of the taxiway in accordance with the new FAA criteria. The team was led by Sam Pappas and supported by Ken Fay, Mike Maxwell, Joe Hill, Scotty Hancock and Des Bryant.

For the 33rd and Broadway Intersection, MAC worked with the City of Edmond to expand and reconfigure the left-turn lanes on each side of the intersection to improve traffic flow at one of Edmond’s busiest intersections. The team was led by Keith Angier and supported by John Stovall, Ken Gillespie, Neil Archibald and Nacho Martinez.

We are honored and humbled to be recognized for serving our clients and community, while exhibiting “The MAC Way” – Trust, Integrity and Unparalleled Customer Service.