At MAC, our driving force is our community. One of our core values, integrity, reminds us daily that it is our duty to help our neighbors. MAC gives back through invested time and funds to deserving charities and non-profit organizations that keep Oklahoma thriving. We believe that we are blessed to be able to lend a helping hand to those in need, and that it is our responsibility to support our community.

The MAC Team participated in the annual Litter Blitz, hosted by OKCBeautiful. This cleanup allowed MAC to give back to our community through cleanup of Douglass Park. Volunteers from our team donated their afternoon to pick up trash and help keep our parks clean. We love getting the chance to remember how lucky we are to live in a city as beautiful as Oklahoma City and have the chance to give back to it in any way we can, small or big. After scouring the park for trash, we were lucky enough to get a delicious treat after a successful clean-up!