MAC is proud to support the design and maintenance of the military facilities where our service members and their families train, work, live, and play. We are committed to using our engineering expertise to promote sustainability and improve their quality of life.  The MAC team has successfully completed over 50 military installations and facilities across Oklahoma and the Southwest region,  including Tinker AFB, Vance AFB, Sheppard AFB, Altus AFB, Fort Sill, Oklahoma Army National Guard Facilities and Oklahoma Air National Guard Facilities.

MAC has a reputation for facilitating project delivery in accordance with schedule, cost, quality and safety objectives through the deployment of the right team. We customize our solutions to meet each client’s specific needs at all phases of the project. We are acutely familiar with LEED requirements and have certified LEED professionals in our office. We are also very familiar with other military requirements and programs such as ATFP, UFC’s, ETL’s, AFI’s, SpecsIntact UFGS Specifications, PCASE and more.

Engineering and Design

Traffic Calming

Land Survey

Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection


Civil Site Design


Target Ranges

Water/Wastewater Collection and Distribution