Deep Fork Drainage Study
City of Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Communicating with you every step of the way.”


Compressive Basin Study


Recommending Improvements at five locations


Government Agency Coordination


Topographic Ground Survey

In 2015, the City of Oklahoma City requested that MAC perform a study of the Deep Fork Drainage area and make recommendations for improvements at five distinct sites. In addition to extensive As-Built information and existing mapping data, topographic ground surveys of all five sites were conducted between October 2015 and January 2016.

A field investigation of the 3,750-linear feet multi-plate super span Belle Isle Tunnel was conducted and led to the conclusion that there was deterioration of joints, minor settlement and groundwater infiltration. Besides the deteriorating infrastructure, the Department of Transportation desired to relocate the tunnel due to the realignment of I-44.

MAC recommended the tunnel should be realigned utilizing Classen Boulevard right-of-way to cross the interstate. Modeling of a portion of the study area with localized flooding issues also resulted in a recommendation to upgrade the capacity of this pipe and incorporate additional inlets.

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