Oklahoma City Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation selected MacArthur Associated Consultants as Program Manager and Project Engineer for the Oklahoma City Boulevard. The highway was created to make use of the former I-40 right-of-way, after the I-40 Crosstown Realignment project relocated I-40 to the south along a former rail alignment.  The project removed the existing bridge structure and reconnected the new highway with the central business district in downtown Oklahoma City. The project involved the design of the remaining segments of the Oklahoma City Boulevard between Pennsylvania Avenue and EK Gaylord Avenue in downtown Oklahoma City. The Boulevard consists primarily of three different lane configurations: a six-lane median divided roadway on the west end, a four-lane median divided roadway in the center segment, and a five-lane section on the east end of the project. The job was designed and constructed in three separate sectors to facilitate funding, traffic control, and construction sequencing coordination.