Runway 17L/35R
Will Rogers World Airport
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Construction Administration


Air Spacing


FAA Coordination

MacArthur Associated Consultants (MAC) provided professional civil engineering design services to reconstruct 5,800 LF of the center portion of Runway 17L-35R. In July of 1998, the Airport began to experience failures in the existing bituminous pavement portion of the runway. During a drought, water was found on the surface of the pavement in July, with temperatures over 100 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. It was obvious that water from an underground spring or other underground source was making its way up through the pavement structure. This was causing stripping of the bitumen from the asphalt pavement and relatively rapid failure of the pavement section in various locations. MAC was contracted on an emergency basis to evaluate the pavement.

Geotechnical investigations were performed, and a report prepared to detail the issues with the pavement and proposing four alternate repair solutions. The Airport and FAA agreed that alternate four, which was replacement of the center 5,800’ portion of the runway (the asphalt portion) be removed and replaced with 16” PC concrete pavement section and an extensive series of underdrains installed. Later that year, MAC was selected along with ZRHD to perform the design of the runway rehabilitation, including the associated runway centerline lights, touchdown zone light fixtures, and edge lights. In addition, the new portion of the runway was sawcut grooved, rubber was removed from the remainder of the runway, and the entire runway was remarked at that time. Sustainability was important at the time, and asphalt millings were used as aggregate in the cement-treated base course.

The project received a local and national award from the American Concrete Pavement Association for excellence in design and construction.