Our Project Manager, Ken Gillespie, PE, made a site visit to our project at Northwest 178th Street and Western Avenue last week. The project is an Association of Central Oklahoma Governments project for the City of Oklahoma City – Government and built by Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The intersection is heavily traveled, so to achieve the desired improvements, it had to be reduced to a four-way, one-lane stop causing serious congestion for motorists. The contractor and the City requested ideas from Ken to speed up construction to reopen the intersection to travelers as soon as possible. Ken suggested the Tensar geo-grid which can replace subgrade modification and be laid down with no down-time needed before placing gravel and pavement on top. Both Ken and the contractor agreed, for this project, it would be the best solution. Their innovative solution will reduce construction time by as much as six weeks, meeting the City of Oklahoma City’s goals and allow motorists to see improved commutes sooner than anticipated.

See photos below of Ken Gillespie, PE, visiting Northwest 178th Street and Western Avenue and the Tensar geo-grid being used for the project